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hannah nepomuceno

Does anyone know how to make biringi? Help please!!!


for some weird reason my mouth is watering...hehe


looks delicious. chopsuey looks like any regular chopsuey with chicken. i guess i wouldn't mine tasting it. good documentation.


What great and inventive ways to cook frogs specially the kare-kare! Were the frogs roasted inside the bamboo?


Sidney - The dishes looked quite scrumptious. Did you ever taste them ? If so can you give us a review hehe :)


They all look good to me. I like the terms you used in describing the dishes.


I've eaten frogs legs so I'd be game to try. But I'll pass on the pizza!


yummy ? errm...I won't have it though hehehe..., but perhaps you may want to suggest those chef to open up and venture out Asian Exotic ( of course have to be Halal) food in this Northern Africa :)


wow ang sarap! wala pa ako lunch!


These photos are awesome. I think I'll try the frog teriyaki. Can I get some of that hot chili sauce with it?

"Ribbit." Oh, excuse me.


These photos are awesome. I think I'll try the frog teriyaki. Can I get some of that hot chili sauce with it?

"Ribbit." Oh, excuse me.


Ashish Sidapara

Not something i would eat, nice images though :)


I've never had frog although I know that frog's legs is a delicacy, or at least was years ago, although I've never seen it on a menu.

So is it true? Does it taste like chicken?


A fascinating list of dishes! I just can't image frog pizza! Fine series of shots.


I never ate frog...and I'm not sure I can find the courage to try it ... That makes me think how culture acts in the human mind...


There!finally,the frog dishes :)
they were good,right?i have eaten once,i thought it was chicken :)

I think i wanna try caldereta!!my favorite!! penge Sidney!

happy weekend!


Rock Kauser

It looks like there are a great many ways to cook a frog. I think I'll stick with rice :)


C'est appétissant...coloré, bien présenté et tout et tout. Mais non, je ne mangerai pas les vaillantes concurentes du Festival !
Partout ailleurs qu'à Pampanga,(ils ont d'autres nourritures inhabituelles, n'est-ce pas ?), on mange très très bien aux Philippines.
Gros bisous, Sidney :0010:


I could never eat a frog.....nice post.


je me disais bien quand même que cette affaire de grenouilles se terminait bien! C'est à dire dans les assiettes ;-)


i have the frogs, not the cooker chief...waiting for your best belgium marinade... when are you free to eat together??? before Mitag..? :-)

dodong flores

Hi, Sidney! I enjoy very much this "frog series." Very much detailed and the photos are all very well done.
It seems like those foods being prepared are so delicious given the fact that those are cooked by Kapampangans...


Hmmm. If frogs taste like chicken, maybe I could prepare Frog Sopas for Christmas.

Soup anyone?


Uy! Sarap!

Looking at those food above, it reminds me of what I've eaten when i was in the Philippines and honestly, I miss the food there!


How was the food?


Amazing how many dishes they cooked with frog. I've tasted frog before when I was in grade school but wow I never saw a line up of dishes.

Thanks for sharing your photos of this fiesta. I never knew that there was a frog festival before until recently. I didn't expect also that the celebration is huge!

I was wondering how they cooked the "butete" they are so small.

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